Bespoke One to One Workshop

Learn Street photography from Phil Penman

Explore my home of New York City and the great street photography it has to offer. I've been shooting on the streets for 20 years and can offer you valuable insight into areas around the city and help to improve your street photography.


Reach out to me directly to discuss options and areas of your photography you would like to improve. Shave three years off you're maturity as a street photographer in just a few hours.


I also offer assistance with editing and the best ways to get the most out of those raw images you've captured.


Sessions are 4 hours long unless agreed upon prior to booking.




“Phil was recommended to me by the Leica store in NYC. I’ve attended Phil’s Leica Q class and have also had the pleasure of spending a day or two in one-on-one sessions with Phil on several different occasions. Each of my experiences with him have been worthwhile. He takes subjects that can be difficult and makes them understandable while spending time in the field where you’re put into great position for a great shot. I highly recommend Phil and look forward to reuniting with him soon”.  




“I took a photography workshop in New York City led by Phil Penman in May, 2019 and it was a terrific experience.  I learned so much about street photography from his easy teaching style and his “on the ground” experience in New York.  We had plenty of time to take photos in various New York locations (for example, the streets at 5 am, Grand Central Station, DUMBO, waterfront, at times, early in the day and, at times, at night).  The workshop concluded with ample time for editing and a personal review of our work by Phil.  I highly recommend Phil Penman anytime as an excellent photographer and teacher”.  




“Shortly before COVID I took a long weekend class with Phil in New York.  This time with Phil and the class was an amazing learning experience and a true joy.  Phil is an excellent, patient teacher.  It is rare to find a renowned artist who is humble and truly wants people to learn and have a good time—Phil is that kind of guide.  Most remarkable to me is that in our class there were professional photographers, life long hobbyists, and people relatively new to photography, and the styles and focuses of the class members was incredibly varied.  Every person received personal attention and it was clear that all of us learned and benefited from Phil’s  wonderful approach and his deep knowledge. “ 




“I recently took the Leica Akademia workshop, “Photographic Evolution with Phil Penman”. Phil delivered an incredible amount of valuable information, on a photographers workflow to marketing, in a concise and well thought out interactive manner. Through Phil sharing his personal work experiences, I’m now able to have a better vision of what my photographic journey should look like.  I highly recommend Phil and this Leica Akademia workshop to anyone wanting to move their photographic endeavours to the next level. Seriously Phil, it was an excellent workshop and I left it feeling inspire to move my work forward. That was your doing! 




“I was really lucky to have Phil Penman as one of my first instructors for photography, his dedication and passion for the craft is truly infectious. The classes are well-rounded and designed to give students useful tools to improve their own photography, without implanting/forcing students to follow Phil's own photographic style or processes. I highly recommend for photographers of all levels to take his course if the intention is to push their own boundaries and discover what it takes to create a consistent and great body of work”. 




"Inspirational. Phil's extensive editorial background and exceptional work ethics brought me a new perspective on street practices. Would recommend to photographers of any level interested in ramping up their personal marketing efforts."      




“I really learned a lot from Phil - not just creatively in terms of how to shoot better, but also editing, social media, printing and marketing.  I definitely plan on taking more classes with Phil." 




"I want to say thanks for your leadership during our street photography workshop in Miami.  Loved having a small group where each of us got to work one-on-one with you. There is no substitute for personalized training, whatever one’s skill levels.  It was also enlightening to hear about how to build a following and expand the audiences for our own work.  Lots of shooting time at this workshop too.  You inspired us to find a worthy shot in any and all environments. Never have I so enjoyed trekking around a city in the rain!  I'm a better photographer now, thanks to you."  




"I attended a weekend workshop for Dawn & Dusk with Phil Penman through Leica Akademie USA in September 2019. Phil explained his work flow from scouting locations to shoot,  using the city as a backdrop, making the image, editing the  work and creating photo series. There were several opportunities to shoot over the weekend in different locations, at dusk, dawn and at night. Phil offered one on one instruction regarding techniques, use of available light and composition as we walked around the streets of New York. He was very engaging and answered all questions with concrete steps to achieving what we wanted with respect to the type of photography we were interested in, whether it was black and white photography or shooting in color. I would highly recommend if you have an opportunity to shoot with Phil in person, to do it. It will be a great investment in your photography skills." 




"My name is Marat Tutelman. I took one the workshops with Phil last Feb in Miami  just a few month after i got my first Leica.  My intention was to learn more about the Leica, learn about self managed marketing strategies for photographers, editing and what’s most important to gain more confidence on the street with my new camera.  Phil has it all!!! Extremely educated about the camera! Tons of experience on the street. Professor when it comes to marketing! And on top of that Phil is a Super Duper person with lots of funny stories. Makes the whole process an enjoyable adventure into a street photography with lots of practical elements!  Wether you are a rookie or a pro- highly recommend his workshop! 



Bespoke One to One Workshop, Learn Street photography from Phil Penman
$ 500.00