• I first met Phil when he conducted a street photography workshop in Miami. His generosity in giving each class member individual instruction convinced me that my relationship with Phil wouldn’t end there. I continue to find a way to get to NYC to work with him privately, and I am always learning something new. I especially appreciate how Phil is teaching me to see and work with the existing light.  That as we know is the key to good photos. I  also shoot with Leica, and Phil is helping me to master my
    camera. No small feat.
    Phil is very talented as both a street photographer and instructor, a rare combo. He is very patient and guides you through the streets of NY where there is always the opportunity to capture interesting photos. 



    I recently had the opportunity for an individual one day workshop with Phil in New York. He shows you everything: the techniques of the camera, careful choice of what you shoot, insistence to try many shooting angles of your subject, the selection of photos at the end of the day, he explains the life of a photographer. He is a real life photographer who knows everything in New York, the type of light in a street at any time of the day, the buildings, the people, the particularities of every neighborhood. After 3 months, I take a lot of pictures and think every day of the basics that I learned from him


    - DIMITRI Tenezakis

    I recently attended a street photography workshop led by Phil, and I have to say it was an incredible experience. Phil was not only knowledgeable and helpful, but he also had a great eye for creativity. We spent the two days around New York, taking photos and exploring the city, and I learned so much about how to capture the essence of the city through my Leica gear. 
    Throughout the day, Phil was always there to offer guidance and advice on how to compose the perfect shot. He showed me different techniques for framing my images and gave me tips on how to capture the perfect moment. He also took the time to show me how he processed his own images, which was incredibly helpful and inspiring.
    One of the things that I loved about this workshop was that it was very hands-on. We spent the entire two days out on the streets, taking photos and experimenting with different techniques. It was a great way to learn! I consider myself as a fairly good photographer but this workshop took it to another level on black and white photography.
    Overall, I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in street photography. Phil is an amazing teacher and a talented photographer, and I feel like I learned so much from him in just two days. If you're looking to improve your photography skills and learn more about street photography, this workshop is a must-attend.



    I spent a day with Phil walking around New York City and it was one of the most intense photographic experiences I’ve had in my life. Phil showed me some really interesting spots in the city and most importantly - shared his vision and his way of taking pictures. I never thought that shooting fully manual could be so much fun if you know ahead what kind of mood you’re looking for. His approach was so completely different from what I’ve used to, so I had to get out of my comfort zone and just trust him. At the end of the day after walking many miles in a row and a few batteries later I had a few hundreds of images to choose from! Very happy that I did this and grateful for the opportunity to have this experience!



    I participated in the " NYC Dawn to Dusk" workshop as well as a private lesson with Phil Penman. I was quickly able to "switch gears" and immerse myself in the photo projects with Phil's productive input and guidance. I have received many compliments from the photographs I had taken, and one photo was even chosen for the Leica online gallery. 
    Thank you, Phil!!



    I had a great half day lesson with Phil.  He answered all of my questions about my new Leica M11 and helped me set up the controls to get the most out of the camera.  We spent several hours walking the streets of lower Manhattan looking for good light and subjects.  He gently coaxed me to see things that would make good subjects and encouraged me to experiment.  I would encourage all photographers wishing to expand their horizons to spend a morning with Phil.




    I recently spent an invaluable 4+ hours with Phil while taking his one-on-one workshop in NYC. Not only was he a real pleasure to hang out with, but he also conveyed incredible insight and technical tips during the short time I spent with him. Suddenly, everything “clicked” into place. I came away from the workshop feeling much more confident using my Leica camera and seeing image possibilities everywhere. This was one of the most rewarding workshops I’ve taken and I hope to be able to take another one with Phil in the near future!





    I attended Phil's private one day workshop. It was an amazing experience! We started our day at 7am, and chased the light relentlessly all day. I learnt a lot from Phil, he taught me how to think differently and how to always find the unique angles of the same scene by constantly moving around. One thing he told me.that resonated a lot was "when you stand in front of a postcard scene, try to be innovative and capture something unique that belongs to you". He showed me how to prepare for the street shots, how to use what's available for composition. I rarely shot in black & white before, now I learn how to see things in black & white differently. 




    Working with Phil has been eye-opening, both literally and figuratively. Whereas his legendary photographic style has helped me see the world differently, I primarily tapped into his vast expertise in business, brand, content, and general best practices for building a solid photographic presence. We created some powerful shots during our one-on-one session in NYC, but the clarity I gained to better position my work and photography aspirations was priceless. Thank you, Phil!




    The workshop helped me very much to get an idea of how to approach certain situations with my camera. The stuff I learned was exactly the right challenge to make me progress without being bored or overwhelmed. Now a couple of weeks later I can say that I was able to take my photography to the next level due to what you taught me. Thanks!


    Worked with Phil for 2 days in NYC. Simply put, Phil is an excellant instructor who explains both the equipment and the creation of the image. I have had the opertunity to work with various photographers throughout the world. Phil rates at the top, if not the best.
    He is very patient and understands where the weakness are in the student. great 2 days........



    I attended a one-on-one workshop with Phil when I was in New York last Summer. It was absolutely a fruitful and amazing experience. Phil delivers his vision of street photography and a lot of advice (photography as layers, wide open, burst). Obviously in New York there is always something to see and shoot, so every time you are looking for the best picture, the best angle, the best light. You are always moving and chasing the light.

    We visited a lot of areas with the perfect light at each time. Results are just incredible and I have now a different approach to photography and I extend my work. I like the expression of French photographer Guy Le Querrec : photographing is using sandpaper on your eyes; and it's exactly what you do when you attend the workshop with Phil. 
    The best workshop I have ever done. One more time many thanks, Phil.


    I had the opportunity to attend one of Phil's private workshops. What an amazing experience. He is an amazing artist. He has changed the way I look at street photography. He provided technical tips (on how to expose a scene) and how to compose a scene (layers, layers, layers). It’s amazing watching him quickly identify and work a scene. I can’t thank him enough. As a bonus, he even summoned up a storm which made for a brilliant session at the top of the rock :)

    Thank you Phil. Cannot wait to do another workshop with you



    I spent a couple of days with Phil on a one to one workshop while I was in New York recently. I didn’t set out to copy his work, which I greatly admire but I did want to observe his thought process, understand how he sees in black and white, sees an image within an otherwise ordinary scene. I really enjoyed his company over the two days, it was just like going out shooting with a mate and I was learning all the time. Now that I am home and have had time to digest the information, I realise that after years of struggling with it, I think I finally get the black and white thing and have some images that I am really happy with and that I can call my own, although certainly “influenced” by Phill Penman. The other major takeaway for me and in fact possibly the biggest one was the way Phil interacted with the everyday people we met on the street, he really loves meeting, conversing with and photographing people, all walks of life, no matter how they presented, Phil had a word for everyone. Looking back I realise that's his strength, he totally respects the street and it's people, he is totally at home on the street.  Keep up the great work mate and continued success.


    Phil helped to give me a new perspective on how to approach my street photography.  His approach to evaluating light, shading and perspective opened up some new avenues for creativity and composition.  While I would consider myself an experienced photographer, the walkabout with Phil taught me a lot.  We also had a lot of fun talking and sharing some experiences about cameras, photography and life.  If you have the chance, I'd highly recommend taking a workshop with Phil.


    I recently had the opportunity to spend two days with Phil Penman in his Bespoke One to One Workshop, the first private class I’ve taken with Phil. Exploring locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, we made photos side by side, while Phil coached me in camera technique. As he explained his technique he helped me maximize the use of my Leica, clearly explaining the most efficient use of light and shadow, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, all of this in the service of helping me capture the best images I could. 

    Phil Penman is a supportive, kind and gracious teacher and I thoroughly enjoyed spending the days shooting alongside him. Penman is one of today’s top street photographers, with a renowned and growing reputation, and with a deep knowledge of his art and craft . Phil’s rich respect for photographic history and his enthusiasm for the creative process of photography which he shared in this workshop has left a profound impact on my own photographic process.  Phil’s gentle and humanistic demeanor gives him the ability to communicate his passion for photography to others all while he makes his photographic style and technique clear and easily understood. I have been serious about photography since my teen years and I have never before had such an insightful and deeply informative experience shooting photos. 



    Ever since hearing Phil speak at a small event in NYC, I knew that attending one of his workshops would be a game changer for my own photography.  His knowledge and experience of the industry is exhaustive, and his ability to navigate both the on-the-ground environment and the business one is invaluable.  Being able to watch him work, see how he sees things, and get advice on how you can create your own look and voice as a photographer is a chance no one should pass up



    I did a one-on-one street photography workshop with Phil last year in New York City and loved it so much that I just did a second one with him and can’t wait to do another. Phil is a world class street photographer, but he is also a great teacher and a really good guy. If you are interested in taking your street photography to the next level I highly recommend doing a workshop with Phil. 


    I was able to take a one to one workshop with Phil, whilst I was in London.
    I have been using Leica M cameras for over 50 years, and had recently purchased the M11.
    Phil surprised me with his knowledge and expertise.  But more importantly, how to keep things simple and get amazing photos.
    I learnt more in a 4 hour session with Phil, than all the other workshops I have ever attended



    I attended the “Dawn and Dusk with Phil Penman” through Leica Akademie USA in New York City, May 2022. Phil’s calm demeanor and photographic experience make him an excellent instructor for all levels of student. He quickly analyzes each person’s skill level in assessing scenes, ability to use their equipment, and comfort zones that need to be pushed to the next level. Although this is a group environment Phil makes you feel it is a “one on one” by spending independent time with each person both on the street, and in the classroom conducting image reviews. I would not hesitate to recommend this, or any other opportunity to learn with Phil Penman. It should also be noted that using Leica equipment is not mandatory even though it is hosted by Leica Akademie, although they’ll be happy to let you try or buy one!



    Phil is a fantastic photographer but an incredibly thoughtful instructor as well. Continuously through the Dusk to Dawn NYC workshop, Phil could be found checking in on all of his students to see what was capturing their eye. I really appreciated that he emphasized teaching the thought process on how to approach and capture a scene. From things as simple as collaborating with people to utilizing multiple angles, learning from Phil's approach has helped my photography. Street photography is something that I have found intimidating but feel much more confident after working with Phil. I wouldn't hesitate to sign up again.


    I participated in the workshop « From dawn to dusk » in NYC. I was looking forward to this intense weekend and it highly exceeded all expectations. Phil is an excellent instructor and mentor. He spends time with everyone and shared a lot of his experience and knowledge. His feedback is very accurate and takes all participants to the next level wherever they start from. Overall, this was an inspiring weekend that opened my eyes to new dimensions.


    I had the pleasure of taking a Leica Akademia Workshop Dawn & Dusk with Phil Penman in NYC. Phil is a gentleman and a scholar when it comes to street photography. He shares his knowledge of visual storytelling and encourages his students to develop their own style of photography. I learned to think differently about subjects and how to approach a shot with various angles and vantage points all while better understanding light around me. Highly recommended for all levels of photographers.


    What caught my eye when I decided to sign up for a  three day course in NYC with Phil was that he promised to improve my photography skill by 3 years in 3 days, and he did more than that. To this day everytime I go out to shoot I remember the ten or so rules of thumb that Phil taught me which upgraded my work to another level. I will no doubt go on more trips, as I know there is more to be learnt from you. And on an even more important note, nothing like spending three days with someone who actually cares about what you are getting out of it.. thanks and see you soon.



    Phil's workshop helped me realize things about my own photography. Phil simply shows you how to actively see and thoroughly work your shot.


    Phil is a great mentor. I asked Phil for a one-to-one workshop because I'm inspired by his photos and creativity. His teaching style is excellent and he made sure I fully understood subjects before moving on. I wasn't afraid to ask him anything and I'm extremely happy with the results. Thanks to him I have developed as a photographer and take pride in showing off my photos on my website that Phil helped to build


    I knew street photography involved plenty of walking, but with Phil I learned more in a few hours than I had thought I learned over many years. He saw things I would have never have seen without his presence. This expanded my learning and gave me a new taste for street work.

    - LOU 

    I had a 4 hour walk around with Phil early one morning in April.  I am not the most advanced photographer and still had some issues with using my camera properly - Phil gave me some excellent pointers on manual focusing and have not gone back to automatic dials since!  He was extremely patient and had some fantastic places to photograph.  It was awesome hearing his story told in the first person as well.  
    Can't wait to get out with him again as it was truly inspiring (almost) seeing the world through his eyes.

    - JAN ROMO

    I had the pleasure of attending two one-on-one workshops with Phil (one online, one in-person in New York).  Phil has helped me to see both the city and light as protagonists rather than simply background characters in the scene.  These lessons have extended to my work beyond street photography and have helped me to grow as an artist.



     Phil Penman is a master of street photography, he is an equally gifted mentor and teacher. His dedication and passion for his craft are infectious. He willingly and generously shares his vast knowledge, skill set and unique photographic vision with each of his students while, at the same time, encouraging them to find their own voice. Throughout his workshops, Phil engages with students of every level and provides each with unique and meaningful instruction and feedback. I have been fortunate enough to take both a group and a bespoke one on one workshop and can’t speak highly enough about both experiences.




    “Phil was recommended to me by the Leica store in NYC. I’ve attended Phil’s Leica Q class and have also had the pleasure of spending a day or two in one-on-one sessions with Phil on several different occasions. Each of my experiences with him have been worthwhile. He takes subjects that can be difficult and makes them understandable while spending time in the field where you’re put into great position for a great shot. I highly recommend Phil and look forward to reuniting with him soon”.  




    “I took a photography workshop in New York City led by Phil Penman in May, 2019 and it was a terrific experience.  I learned so much about street photography from his easy teaching style and his “on the ground” experience in New York.  We had plenty of time to take photos in various New York locations (for example, the streets at 5 am, Grand Central Station, DUMBO, waterfront, at times, early in the day and, at times, at night).  The workshop concluded with ample time for editing and a personal review of our work by Phil.  I highly recommend Phil Penman anytime as an excellent photographer and teacher”.  




    “Shortly before COVID I took a long weekend class with Phil in New York.  This time with Phil and the class was an amazing learning experience and a true joy.  Phil is an excellent, patient teacher.  It is rare to find a renowned artist who is humble and truly wants people to learn and have a good time—Phil is that kind of guide.  Most remarkable to me is that in our class there were professional photographers, life long hobbyists, and people relatively new to photography, and the styles and focuses of the class members was incredibly varied.  Every person received personal attention and it was clear that all of us learned and benefited from Phil’s  wonderful approach and his deep knowledge. “ 




    “I recently took the Leica Akademia workshop, “Photographic Evolution with Phil Penman”. Phil delivered an incredible amount of valuable information, on a photographers workflow to marketing, in a concise and well thought out interactive manner. Through Phil sharing his personal work experiences, I’m now able to have a better vision of what my photographic journey should look like.  I highly recommend Phil and this Leica Akademia workshop to anyone wanting to move their photographic endeavours to the next level. Seriously Phil, it was an excellent workshop and I left it feeling inspire to move my work forward. That was your doing! 




    “I was really lucky to have Phil Penman as one of my first instructors for photography, his dedication and passion for the craft is truly infectious. The classes are well-rounded and designed to give students useful tools to improve their own photography, without implanting/forcing students to follow Phil's own photographic style or processes. I highly recommend for photographers of all levels to take his course if the intention is to push their own boundaries and discover what it takes to create a consistent and great body of work”. 




    "Inspirational. Phil's extensive editorial background and exceptional work ethics brought me a new perspective on street practices. Would recommend to photographers of any level interested in ramping up their personal marketing efforts."      




    “I really learned a lot from Phil - not just creatively in terms of how to shoot better, but also editing, social media, printing and marketing.  I definitely plan on taking more classes with Phil." 




    "I want to say thanks for your leadership during our street photography workshop in Miami.  Loved having a small group where each of us got to work one-on-one with you. There is no substitute for personalized training, whatever one’s skill levels.  It was also enlightening to hear about how to build a following and expand the audiences for our own work.  Lots of shooting time at this workshop too.  You inspired us to find a worthy shot in any and all environments. Never have I so enjoyed trekking around a city in the rain!  I'm a better photographer now, thanks to you."  




    "I attended a weekend workshop for Dawn & Dusk with Phil Penman through Leica Akademie USA in September 2019. Phil explained his work flow from scouting locations to shoot,  using the city as a backdrop, making the image, editing the  work and creating photo series. There were several opportunities to shoot over the weekend in different locations, at dusk, dawn and at night. Phil offered one on one instruction regarding techniques, use of available light and composition as we walked around the streets of New York. He was very engaging and answered all questions with concrete steps to achieving what we wanted with respect to the type of photography we were interested in, whether it was black and white photography or shooting in color. I would highly recommend if you have an opportunity to shoot with Phil in person, to do it. It will be a great investment in your photography skills." 




    "My name is Marat Tutelman. I took one the workshops with Phil last Feb in Miami  just a few month after i got my first Leica.  My intention was to learn more about the Leica, learn about self managed marketing strategies for photographers, editing and what’s most important to gain more confidence on the street with my new camera.  Phil has it all!!! Extremely educated about the camera! Tons of experience on the street. Professor when it comes to marketing! And on top of that Phil is a Super Duper person with lots of funny stories. Makes the whole process an enjoyable adventure into a street photography with lots of practical elements!  Wether you are a rookie or a pro- highly recommend his workshop! 




    Photos taken by Attendees of Workshops