"STREET" AT LEICA MAYFAIR LONDON: Phil Penman Solo Exhibition at Leica Mayfair

13 April - 21 June 2021

The Solo Exhibition "STREET" at the Leica Store Mayfair in London presented by Leica. Limited edition prints will be avaialble as well as the best selling book "STREET" which debuted on Amazon as the Number 1 New Release.


The show will be up till the end of June 21st 2021.




‘The Street – it’s living and breathing. Millions of lives dizzyingly moving around us as we go about our daily routines…. But in a city like this, it’s all too easy to miss it if you don’t stop and look around once in a while because as they say, ‘’life moves pretty fast.’’ I’ve found this to be true in the 18 years I’ve trawled the streets of New York City as a photographer. If I was to say what I hope to achieve with my street photography, it would be to keep documenting the ever-changing streets of New York City in all its  rat-infested, garbage-mounted glory.’