• Why don't you like my work ?

    Instagram and the battle for attention
    by Phil Penman
    Why don't you like my work ?


    I’m often asked by workshop attendees and fellow photographers  “Why am I not getting more likes ?”


    Love it or hate it, Instagram came into our lives and has given us a voice to show our work to the world. The real question is, how do I actually get the world to see it?

    After six years of hard work with hashtags, tagging companies and engaging with people, I  reached the mythical 10,000 follower mark. Granted I was late to the game with Instagram and realized that it was going to be a lot harder to gain a following than those early adopters.


    Sure you can go buy followers but what’s the fun in that. The idea of saying thanks to comments from bots is very appealing but humans are far more interesting. 

    After hitting 10,000 followers, my account started going nuts, within months I had added thousands of new followers, which before would have taken years to achieve.