upcoming events


September 7th 2018 - B & H Event Space 

Two hours in time photographing on September 11th at the B & H Event space in New York City


Leica Akademie Classes

New York City - Dawn and Dusk

May 17th - 19th 2019


Some of the best light in New York is early morning and early evening. The sun is low and the landscape of the city comes alive with light and shadow. The light seems to dance off of the glistening sheets of glass that cover the amazing steel structures of the city. People go into silhouette as they walk into to sun and seem to disappear into nowhere as they are engulfed by the steam coming from the city’s underbelly.


Join the Leica Akademie and Phil Penman as we explore the city. Phil has photographed New York for many years and enjoys photographing the city at these times. He will take us around to areas rich in texture when bathed in early morning or evening light. He will also be giving us insight into his creative process from how he sees to how he selects and then edits the final images.


Loculars Photo Tours

2018 - 2019

Photo tours with Loculars in New York City. 

42nd Street: Idiosyncrasies of an iconic thoroughfare


  • A walking visual tour from Hell’s Kitchen and the newly transformed skyline of the West Side to the UN Buiding all the way by the East River
  • Shoot a variety of scenes, whether using iconic 42nd Street as a backdrop (Chrysler Building, NY Public Library, UN Building), or everyday people such as commuters, street vendors, office goers, people in costumes and tourists
  • Interact and learn from Phil, a Leica Fotografie International winner and resident Leica expert on the rangefinder system