Bespoke Online Workshop

Learn One to One with Phil Penman


Learn online  from Street Photographer Phil Penman.


Learn how to see the picture, and develop a personal style and voice as a photographer.


This bespoke online  course caters to what you want to improve. You'll be asked to do assignments in your own time which will be reviewed together during the sessions with Phil.


From learning how to use light to building up a social media presence. 


Photography is a way of life and Phil want's you to be inspired, get out there and shoot images that mean something to you.




- Portfolio review and discussion of what you would like to improve

- Consists of 4 x 2 hour classes ( 8 hours total ) over any given time period

- Structured to your requirements 

- Conducted via zoom and recorded for your further reference

- Course covers, learning how to see the image, building confidence, working with subjects,  Editing techniques, lighting, exploring perspective, Composition, Social Media etc

- Story-telling through your images.

- Assignments set and to be photographed in between each session, these will then be reviewed during our sessions


Bespoke Online Workshop, Learn One to One with Phil Penman
$ 1000.00