The Leica Street Photography Collective Podcast Presents: Phil Penman Tokyo Workshop


Explore Toyko with Street photographer Phil Penman and the Leica Street Photography Collective.  He'll show you techniques to help you become a better visual storyteller and great understanding of composition and lighting.




Day 1: Introduction, greeting [Meeting point 1: Shinjuku Goen]


7am: introduction – Shinjuku Goen

9am: Harajuku 

10am: Shibuya 

11am: Naka Meguro

12pm > 2pm: Lunch Break

2pm: Nakano 

4pm>6pm: Shinjuku Evening shooting 


*** Optional *** 5pm>8pm Shibuya/Harajuku (Night time lights)


Day 2: Shooting [Meeting point 1: Shinjuku Station]


7am: Shinjuku East side roads

8am: Golden Gai 

830am>9am: Kabuki Cho

10am Korean Town

11am> Shinjuku West 

12pm>2pm: Lunch Break

2pm>5pm: Editing Session


***Optional *** 5pm >8pm: Tokyo Tower & Roppongi


Day 3: Shooting [Meeting point 1: Shinjuku Station]


7am: Tokyo Station (Can view the Emperor’s Castle from outside 

8am: Akihabara (Electric light town very popular. 

10am: Uneo 

11am: Asakusa 

12pm: Lunch 

2pm>5pm: Editing session


***Optional*** 5pm>8pm: Akiharaba night shooting & Ueno Ameyoko (drinking alley)


Important Information


-The cost of the work shop ONLY includes the Three(3) day course. Attendees are responsible for their own personal passports or alternate method for entry into Japan, all transportation (airfare, bus, trains, taxi), hotel accommodations, meals, and any other expense.


-During the course we will occasionally use trains to transport across the city. During peak travel hours it is normal and well known for the trains to be overwhelmingly full. (WARNING FOR ATTENDEES WITH CONFINED SPACES CONDITIONS).


-Tokyo has a large population and the streets can go from near empty to almost full in any moment. Large crowds are normal


-Be prepared to exchange currency into Japanese YEN. Many establishments are beginning to accept credit cards. However, some places still only accept Japanese yen.


-Book hotels near Shinjuku Station as this is where most of the shooting will begin and editing sessions will be held.


-Bring warm clothing and wet weather gear in case of rain. Shooting will continue during rainy conditions.


-Expect to walk a minimum of 5 miles per day. 


-Consult medical physician prior enrollment to discuss any health concerns.


-Class size is limited to 12 people.


-Attendees should have a basic understanding of how to use their cameras. i.e. Aperture, Shutter speed, ISO.


-Please bring spare batteries. To conserve battery life please refrain from viewing the LCD while shooting.


-Due to demand, refunds are only given up to 30 days prior to course start date. NO REFUNDS AFTER.


-Camera insurance is highly advised in case of loss, damage, theft.


-It is advised to pre-purchase an international data plan for cellular services. Mobile Wi-Fi, or prepaid SIM cards (for unlocked cellular devices) may be rented at airports (contact airport for more information).


-Attendees are responsible for their own personal belongings during the course.





UK-born, NY-based photographer Phil Penman has documented the rapid flux of New York City's streets for over 25 years. With clients ranging from The New York Review of Books to The Guardian, he has photographed celebrated living legends, including Jennifer Lopez and Bill Gates, and captured historical moments such as the September 11th Terrorist Attacks. Penman's distinctive style, versatility, and dedication to his craft has won him prestigious awards and exhibitions and distinction as one of the "52 Most Influential Street Photographers" alongside industry legends, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Sebastião Salgado


His debut book “STREET” launched as the Number 1 new release on Amazon for Street Photography,and has since become a best seller and featured at MOMA in New York.




 I was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago. In 2009 I enlisted in the US Air Force and traveled to 14 countries. I have been photographing life for over twelve years and enjoy every moment. I am a certified Photojournalist from The New York Institute of Photography and shoot primarily Monochrome Street Photography. My goal is to capture the most cherished moments and create a connection between my subjects, camera, and viewers. I have a strict work ethic and aim to create the best photo possible. I shoot various formats using film and digital cameras, but I love analog photography's look, feel, and creative process. I have been published multiple times in Fuji X Passion digital online publication.



In 2021 I began The Leica Street Photography Collective Podcast, The new podcast standard for street photography. The original intent was to discuss how Leica cameras deepened my passion for street photography. It started with a 4-minute introduction and has evolved into what it is now. A growing community of photojournalists, documentary, and street photographers who use Leica camera systems. While my LSPC brand began with a podcast, it now extends into photography services worldwide.


The Leica Street Photography Collective Podcast Presents: Phil Penman Tokyo Workshop, 30TH NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2ND 2023
$ 2499.00