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Brit photographer’s harrowing 9/11 photos capture terrifying aftermath of attack as dust-covered victims drag themselves from Twin Tower wreckage 16 years ago today

Courageous Phil Penman was on the ground when both the first and second towers fell at the World Trade Center. 


Iconic Photo Brings Survivors Together Years After 9/11

Survivors of the 9/11 attacks have learned to cope with a range of trauma, from survivor guilt to post-traumatic stress disorder. But out of this pain emerged a wide-ranging community of evacuees ready to support one another. Today we are highlighting one such meaningful connection: the entwined stories of Joanne Capestro and Phil Penman, an office worker and a photographer whose lives intersected with the brief click of the camera shutter in a moment of chaos.


train, eat,sleep, and repeat: inside a cyclist's day. 

An Interview and Pictures documenting the life of a professional cyclist's on Team Sky whilst they were training in Mallorca. Here I share my experience of how it was working with Team Sky and the Leica SL camera.

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PHIL PENMAN - Training Camp

new york based photographer phil penman is best known for his street and cycling sports photography. with the leica sl, he accompanied britain’s team sky (established in 2009) during their annual winter training in majorca. in 2012, team sky member bradley wiggins was the first brit in history to win the tour de france.


10 Street Photographers Who Are Immortalizing Our Modern World

Phil Penman‘s offbeat, black and white photographs document intriguing aspects of everday life in New York City. Originally from the UK, Penman now calls New York his home and when he's not photographing celebrities for People and USA Today, he's out on the streets, camera in hand. “Every morning, I head out the door armed with my Leica M and bike, and all I ever hope for is to come home with just one image I’m proud of. I’m drawn to those individuals who are not trying to be cool or would even think they are, but just have great character and style.”


The big apple in black and white: street photographers images show life in nyc is everything but everyday !

a new york-based photographer has captured his impressions of the bustling city in a collection of street photography that particularly focuses on the manifestations of urban culture.

from portraits to landscape shots, phil penman, who comes from a tiny village in dorset, united kingdom, captures different aspects of city life in bustling new york city.


Photographer Profile: Phil Penman

phil penman is a british-born editorial and portrait photographer based in new york city, but as we learned when we grabbed coffee with him earlier this year, he’s also built up quite a few frequent flyer miles while shooting news and covering famous subjects such christopher reeve, bill gates, and the artist damien hirst.

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Dollar Cabs & Shimano Shifters:

phil penman photographed a bicycle race at the former floyd bennet airport in new york, for the first issue of the magazine chalet. in a city where the bicycle still has to fight to be recognized as a valid form of transport, there are very few bike racing circuits. for their self-organized races, biking athletes have to make do with badly sealed strips, like at the former airport.

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Interview: Dynamic street shots document the quirky everyday scenes of New York City.

photographer phil penman uses his camera to document the dynamic energy, delightfully wacky inhabitants, and vibrant spirit of new york city. shooting primarily in black and white, he captures a fantastic mix of playful portraits and atmospheric street scenes that illuminate everyday moments in a metropolis that has captured the imaginations of creatives for centuries. from astronauts on the crosswalk, to young skaters shredding on high rooftops, to 30-foot-tall statues lying sideways on the back of a truck, penman's subjects prove there's never a dull moment in the big apple. 

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if you've not yet graced new york city's streets and sampled the weird and wonderful delights it has to offer, then photographer phil penman will enlighten you. his beautiful black and white photography of the big apple shows the metropolis in a very unexpected light, sharing the everyday and sometimes bizarre lives of the characters who reside there.