New York city


Taking a look at some of the many images I have captured over the 17 years I have been living in this melting pot "



New Yorkers

Street Portraits of the people that make up one of the most diverse communities on the Planet ! "



September 11th

the following shows two hours in my life after receiving a phone call that the world trade center in new york had been hit by a plane.




“The Life of a celebrity photographer is not always rubbing elbows with the rich and famous behind the velvet rope.
The harsh reality of it is. Freezing your are off for hours on end, getting angry at why you have just wasted 10 hours of your life hiding behind a trash can. You sip on your coffee to keep you calm and hope that the next picture is going to be the one that makes you rich”



Legends and Icons

“From business icon Bill Gates to Superman Christopher Reeve. Here is a look at some of the legends and Icons that I have been fortunate enough to photograph "