Foggy enough for you ?

New York city Street Photography

Street Photography does not always have to be shot in the Golden hour. 


Shooting in miserable rain storms and blizzards has often led to my favorite photographic images and experiences.

The elements can often add a great dynamic and texture to you're street photography.


In this small series of images shot on a very foggy day in the City, my objective was not to specialize in just one type of photography.


Try not to limit yourself to one frame of mind or one style. Instead use it to explore. 


In one particular circumstance on this day, I was concentrating on trying to get a picture of a man walking across Broadway as a Silloutte with a clear foggy sky in the background. I spent about 20 minutes waiting for the right conditions. 


However when I came to the edit, it was the happy accident as I like to call it, with car passing, and a man with umbrella perfectly framed by the car window. This was not planned and if I went back and tried to repeat this, I can guarantee it would never happen in a million years.


Enjoy and let me know what weather you like to shoot in.

June 13, 2019
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