During the Covid 19 Pandemic in New York City

New Yorkers restless of life in quarantine, begin to adapt to what will likely be a few months of uncertainty.

Signs displayed across all the public parks remind us not to go within six feet of one another, whilst the Naked Cowboy plays his guitar to a deserted Time Square.

Eerie calm hangs over the city, in what can best be described as a strange dream. The Subway  ridden by the homeless and masked strangers on their way to work. All keeping their heads down with not a word spoken.

Long gone are the loud honking horns of the city, replaced by the sounds of chirping birds and seagulls. Reality of what is upon us comes back every time an ambulance siren screams out.

 We stand together on our rooftops, balconies and out of our windows every night at 7 to show our support for the healthcare workers, and for a brief second know that we are not alone!

April 14, 2020
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